What is a contractful Hiring Agreement?

Peer-2-peer safe and secure Hiring Agreements for everyone to use.

Safe on a global scale.

The Agreement is powered by a Smart Contract that works as an escrow to the hiring budget.

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Secured by the Polygon blockchain and Chainlink Oracles.

100% trust minimized Agreements.

Automated payments.

Easy and secure on-chain automated payment processing. Safe hours of paper work.

Full budget control.

The Agreement ensures clean budget planning that matches your product development roadmap.

Build your team

As a client: Ready to use contractful to create a Hiring Agreement.

Start your collaboration

As a service provider: Review and consent to an Agreement prepared for you.

How it works?

  1. Build your team: Come up with individual Agreements (off-chain).
  2. Formulate all details of the Agreement and use contractful to deploy them on-chain.
  3. Manage budget and payments automatically for a long-term collaboration relationship.

Made with ❤️ by the contractful team 2022.

Image credits: fatmawatilauda70555 on vecteezy.com.